Withlocals Travel Advice documentary series

One of my favorite projects I worked so far was the Travel advice series I developed and produced for Withlocals on the course of 3 years. The company wanted  series of Things to do and Local tips for travelers. From research, planning, budgeting and traveling to film on location, to post production and launching in a marketing campaign. Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, and the list goes on.

Besides the things to do content, we also developed smaller series focused on things to eat, cultural insights and travel tips from locals. 


The company wanted to become an authority in travel advice handpicked by locals, and boost their social media presence by creating high quality and up to date content from the top destinations preferred by their customers.

The challengE

How can we create multi-purposed relevant content in fixed amount of time (visiting for 5 days a location) and on a tight production budget? How can we edit the footage in a way that is can fit in diverse channels and content formats?


A very detailed complex planning tool which allowed to cross check content, location, actors and shot list. A close-knit team with a crystal clear hourly planned agenda and local fixers who would enable fast commute from one location to another. A content manager preparing detailed briefs for the video editor. 

Launch, impact, results

The videos had a overwhelming positive response in the youtube community, with remarks towards their authenticity and relevant up to date information. They were featured by other travel publications and we were recognized in the industry for our series. 

Bianca Paul

Films producer and photographer. Excited for the next cool project we're going to work on together!



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